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A Teaser Video shows a glimpse of the product that is about to be launched or a promotion/discount that is about to be announced. Teaser videos don’t show the entire product – they tease viewers by showing a part of it or a blurred version of the product. Teaser videos are meant to generate interest in viewers and make them wait in anticipation for the promo video.

These videos are typically very short (15-sec is a good benchmark) and are very fast-paced with catchy music. Text, even if present, is shown very quickly too. You can either give us blurred photos or we can blur them using video editing tools.

Cost: $2 USD/Rs. 120 per Second of the final video. 

Promo Video



A Promo Video/Promotional Video is made using clear pictures of the product/product(s) in focus with all possible details like price, ordering details, etc. Promotional Videos are slower than teaser videos as each photo need to be on the screen at least for 3-5 seconds for a clearer view. If you could send us professionally taken photographs, you can expect the best results from a promo video. Promo Videos come with catchy music, text, effects, transitions & animations.

Promo videos are not just for products, but this style can also be adapted for promotional announcements, unique service offerings, etc. It’s good if there is a photo to go with each slide, even otherwise we can insert relevant stock photos or text over plain slides, as per customer’s preferences. Promo Videos make good social media ads. You can also embed them on your website – product page or post them on your social media accounts.

Cost: $2 USD/Rs. 120 per slide/photo.

How to Order: Submit your details in the Order/Enquiry Form below. Or, you can directly send an email to Or, just Call/Whatsapp: +91-8973917204

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